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Gee, how could the dog have

Gee, how could the dog have bitten him THROUGH THE CRATE?! The dog was left in his crate, this bum went and got him out of his crate to kill him. Excuse ne, allegedly, He squeezed the life out of that poor puppy with his hands wrapped around charlies neck! Allegedly. I just wonder how long it took for the little 6 lb dog to lose conscienceness, stop fighting for air and finally die. 30 seconds? 60? Maybe 90? This murderer had time to change his mind and walk away. But he didn't. Allegedly. Oh wait, we know he didn't walk away! Cory was the only person in the house from what I was told, so thatleaves cory or cory? Huh, I think cory did it! I know the scumbag, the hot girlfriend and I knew charlie. I prefered to spend time with Charlie over cory anyday. Cory is a waste of human flesh. 24 years old, a mooch, works 4 months out of the year at a locally owned donut shop, lives at home, has no car, the other 8 months of the year he does nothing. His parents are enablers and should be ashamed of their parenting skills for allowing their 24 year old son to live at home and not work OR go to school. Jenna will be so much better off without this scumbag in her life. She deserves to be treated like the awesome girl she is by a great guy! Start lining up guys. Cory had it so good with her but didn't deserve such a great girl. RIP Charlie. I won't forget you.


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