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A child is considered a human. Sorry, if my wording confused you.

I also wasnt comparing what has been allegedly done here to simply accidentally running over an animal. I was more suggesting that if we were to treat animals that were intentionally killed the same as humans that were intentionally killed then in the name of legal fairness we would also have to treat animals that were accidentally killed the same as we treat humans that are accidentally killed. Our legal system IS supposed to be fair and just, right?

I dont believe in labeling a person as a terrible. I do believe that this death is a terrible thing. And if it happened in the way that has been described then those ACTIONS are terrible, horrific even.

I love animals. I've donated to the ASPCA since I got my first bank account ten years ago. I also love humans. I believe in HUMAN rights and ANIMAL rights.

Im sorry if you see my opinion as ridiculous, but thats the beautiful things about America we are each allowed to have our own. It's just a shame we cant be more respectful when sharing them.


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