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Hmm...musta riled you lagoon diggers.

"serve it with a vinegar-based sauce with red pepper seeds floating in the bottle." That's.just.sad.

I've eaten at Jackson's Big Old nasty fried cornstick..Flips, Shaw's up in Williamston...A & G. All filling...and pretty much the same menu items at each. I do like Brunswick stew...fried chicken...your pig is good, slow cooked on the hot fire and all...then you pour vinegar and peppers on it. RUINED!

I do like the standard fare around here, don't get me is filling and tasty, but please... Keep on telling yourself it is BBQ Bless your hearts! you can tell me to move on out like you always do...the standard refrain for all of you huckleberries who get insecure about anyone who doesn't agree with everything you do.

Oh yeah...the North won the civil war, too! The prize...great BBQ!

Love - KCNative, PhD BBQoligist.


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