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I support Cory here -- the 'Chihuahua Choker'

I support Cory here -- the 'Chihuahua Choker' -- as those dogs are really annoying. Dogs are considered "personal property" so any civil suit by the late Charlie's family will only be able to sue for the value of a USED dog -- about $10 is the going rate, and since you can get them for free at the dog pound, a good lawyer can argue that a dog has no value.

Personally, I HATE dogs -- after being bitten as a child from a neighbor's little yapper. Dogs are dangerous, and the 'Chihuahua Choker' should argue that Charlie tried to attack him -- dogs always do attack sooner or later -- and thus the "murder" will be self defense. Dead Dogs can't testify so it's a easy not guilty verdict.

I live downtown and have to carry pepper spray to ward off the dogs -- many of which poop illegally. My wife is from a country in which packs of dogs eat children -- it happens. To conclude, I hate dogs. Charlie was just a piece of property that has no economic value -- that's the truth!


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