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Another liberal drinking the

Another liberal drinking the same kool-aid like everyone else that believes that democrats really care about the middle class. I'm not sure when Republicans actually increased the taxes on the middle class? I look at the whole picture and see the the democrats actually tax the middle class with indirect taxes. Indirect meaning taxing us for high fructose drinks, gas, vehicle registration, fattening foods and now my favorite... not having health insurance. You can call it a penalty at the end of the year but it's still a tax. it doesn't matter if you raise taxes for rich because they use the loopholes to avoid paying. For instance under the current tax code George Soros made $3.3 billion in 2010 and paid about 15% in income tax. Why not the 35%? Because as a hedge fund manager he pays 35% on the 2% advisory fee but then pays 15% on the 20% of the annual profits. This is George Soros, the richest hedge fund manager that supports Obama's tax plan. The man that agrees that the top 1% should pay a higher tax. This makes no sense on the surface but under all the bs that is pumped out on a daily basis proves that the rich will only pay what the feel like. The only difference is that the right says they want to keep their money and everyone should work at making their own, while the left says everyone should pay up but themselves. If either side actually cared about the middle class they wouldn't expect us to carry the weight. The rich will get the tax cuts if it's public or hidden under all the crap and the lower class will not have to pay tax.

What they should do is rewrite the tax code to eliminate the biggest scam ever... non profit organizations. There are 1.5 million registered 501(c) non for profit organizations in the US. With that many organizations that are also receiving federal funding and private money, why is there poverty and ghettos in the US? You wonder why every celebrity and rich person out there has a non for profit. When you see them doing charity work they actually bill their non profit for the work. So they can still deduct money that they "would've" made for their own charity.

Last year a hospital made an excess of 4 billion dollars + federal funding+ private donations, paid $0 in taxes. Also note that a large chunk of the money they get is from medicare and medicaid. That is on the lower scale. Another one made 15 billion.

So continue to believe that the democrats care about the middle class. They want to help the so called poor but instead of using their money they want you to cough up the cash for it.
My family came from a 3rd world country with no money, didn't speak English and was still able to succeed. Sorry we did use Gov assistance for approx 8 months. We didn't sit around complaining how the white man is holding us down or oppressing us. We worked 3 jobs while going to school full time. After all that sacrifice and sweat I am pretty well off. You think it's right for me to give up money that I work hard for every single day so some person who has been here for multiple generations can sit around having more kids living off the Gov? Sorry call me a jerk but I think everyone who is able to work should work.


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