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The lowest of the low would be the Pink Shirt campaign.

First of all, if you've got proof the offer was bogus, show it. If you don't, then one has to wonder who's trying to confuse who.

Now as to integrity: No ethics, no integrity? Surely you must be referring to the Cancer Awareness shirts that had no mention of cancer awareness. Do you really want to say that wasn't one of Wilmington's all-time low moments in the stadium debate? To even attempt to justify that would make you appear to be morally ambiguous at best.

As to the corruption issue: Only one side of the stadium issue has anything to potentially gain personally by being corrupt. Reason would dictate that those against the stadium would have nothing more than their current status quo maintained as a result of a stadium not being built with taxpayer dollars. That's not really a gain, is it? Soo .... if anyone's potentially corrupt ... it must be someone else. There's only two sides to this debate, so the answer is more than obvious.

To quote yourself: "Stop with all the deceit."


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