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Dukie, you must be #1 in the #2 bidness!

...but if not, you're definitely full of #2! If there was ANY sort of Baseball market here, it would've been prevalent years ago with the first two failed ventures. If there was ANY sort of market for baseball here, the failed river-landgrubbers wouldn't be pushing for taxpayer funding so hard to get rid of their contaminated riverside dirt.
Baseball is business, not politics, not government. If the business can't support itself on it's revenues without taxpayer support, it appears as government...loathsome, dependant, unprofitable and always in the RED. The people don't want it, the people don't want it and most importantly...the people just don't want it. I don't even think the people will want it if it were to be privately funded. Just too many other fun things to do here besides go to a boring Single A slap-ball game.


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