This is the reason why the State Legislature should amend Chapter 160A (and likely other) state statutes governing municipalities. Financial obligations of this magnitude should most certainly always be a ballot referendum question for voters. It took citizens protesting and pushing for their own referendum before the Council did an end run to derail that effort and put a bond referendum on the ballot. But evidently unknown to the populous until now there have been talks off the public radar with certain county officials about a private firm funding construction of a baseball stadium and mall. Quite different from the Wilmington City Council wishing to hand over tens upon tens of millions of dollars to give a fat-cat company a free ride by paying to build a stadium for them and getting nothing in return. The State Legislature should be called upon to amend state law to make such negotiations extra-transparent especially when talking numbers over $30 million dollars and under the general free-ride terms the City Council (in all their absence of grey matter) are currently considering.

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