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Judging the forums-WSN

Interesting that you point that out about the slandering inside a forum. It would seem that a forum like the WSNOnline that denies any responsiability for any of the comments posted on the site from other (any) users in the agreement upon signing up, would not feel like they have to police and censor the forum like they do. Why would they feel the need to outright delete a post that contains nothing but data and information, if they feel that is accurate or not, if they cannot be held liable for the information posted therein??? Sure, anybody can see the need to obfuscate negative offensive language, and they can and do screen this with filters and admin approval. but why do they feel the need to not let someone post information collected in a public file and post it online. One point in particular, the topic could not at that time be even proven by the Star News to be true or untrue. They have become the judge and jury then? What gives them the right or feel the need to take on this role. More often than not it has been in the past to prevent the "leaking" of a particular news item that they picked up and made a story out of. We have all seen this in the past, those of us that have been on the forum since forever... The WSN has their own little sandbox for a forum. And don't think you can go in there and say anything you want, even without the profanity. You will be censored before you know it. In reflection, this should not surprise anyone. With this type of policy, do you think that they are capable of giving you a fair shake on the news of the area? NO! A resounding NO! more like it. They are as biased as they need to be to support the people and cantidates and topics that they feel are important for them to report on in the light that they want it shown in. No thanks WSN, I'll pass on the forum you have and the paper as well. Neither of which are suitable for the fish wrappings or the bird poo!


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