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WSN has really gone the route of the liberal press. So liberal in fact that they feel the need to slant the news and promote only the version that they want the paper purchasing public to see. Liberalism under the guise of being "progressive" has cause them to use the same tactics that failed socialism nearly a hundred years ago in Europe. Force feeding the public with the news your political party wants them to see does not an educated public make. Now that they have the online verion, they seek to influence the content there too. They do not even pretend to be fair in reporting, good deeds and accomplishments would be one example. I avoid the Wilmington Star News like I'll avoid voting for the sitting Wilmington council members and political "good buddies" sitting in office catering to the developers needs at the expense of every Wilmington taxpayer. If they have kicked everyone with a slight conservative leaning out of the forums then of course their local polls will not be honest. Honesty is essential in reporting. Otherwise, it's lies. And knowing this, it is criminal. Good for pman for taking the wind out of their online forum sails. A lot of us don't even bother with the WSN forum anymore because of the hypocrites that run that site.


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