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So informed you are not

Sounds like you have it all figured out. The liability issues you address are those of only the paper side of the business, not the online forum realm. The forums are not a news source that the public sees as a 'bonifide news source.' There is a difference Sherlock... Take for instance the online forums like "Don't Date Him Girl!" Surely these types of forums would open many cans of proverbial worms but the courts have ruled that the forum providers are not responsible for the content and in fact do have court mandated part in handing over e-data relevant to cases of slander and libel that arise from such sites. The courts have already ruled on this and made that fact clear, which you are unaware I guess. That is how they absolve themselves of being the responsible party. They, the WSN, cannot be held responsible for what people say in a forum online. They use this as the guise to firmly stomp out any view that does not suit their needs or own view. This is censorship under the pretense of "doing their duty." Why else would they ask poll questions online and then seek to limit those whom may participate in those polls. The libel is that they report that poll data as 'news' when in fact it is misrepresented data. The WSN forums just are an outlet for the local liberal ranters to bark at each other. I wouldn't want to be a part of that spectacle anyway. This shows the p-man just isn't a sucka' for punishment...


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