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Care to cite the case law?

I hardly presented myself as "having it all figured it out,' I simply tossed up a facet that hadn't been mentioned. The immunity you speak of may be currently present in federal law, but is far from being safely established as a permanent bedrock in our legal system. If you seek out actual case law, you'll be shocked at the paucity of decisions on this subject. Additionally, the law is under attack on several fronts. I don't know any of the specifics regarding how badly or why the WSN is censoring their message boards, but you and I both know that anyone can file suit at any time, and they're always aiming for the deep pockets. Even if the WSN refused to settle and successfully obtained a dismissal, it would still cost them more in legal fees than simply never publishing the message would. Yahoo got so paranoid about it when the California Supreme Court started questioning the automatic immunity, that they committed sippuku and basically destroyed their message boards by reformatting into an insufferable nightmare. They also got much freer in hitting the delete button on anything deemed the least bit offensive. So whether we're talking about the WSN or Yahoo, deletions are free - one single day in court costs thousands.


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