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Class of 1982 GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a member of NHHS class of 1982 I can't help but wonder if the people on this board have nothing better to do than make off the wall rules such as this one. Going to high school these days is almost like living in a police state. I have 2 children in high school in another county in NC, My oldest son came home the other day with his face painted for home comming. All the seniors in his class painted their faces in support of their school. My daughter who is a sophmore was just as excited about the game that night. The wonderful memories of the pep rallies and the home comming activities came back to me all at once. It's ashame everyone has to be punished because a few fools have done something wrong. The ban on body and or face painting is not going to stop those who want to cause trouble. I believe the people who made this decision have good intentions but this seem a little overboard on the rules. Some of the best times in my life were in high school and I cringe to think of what it will be like when my youngest son who is in the first grade gets to that level. It seems to me there are so many rules students have to follow now, it's almost impossible for them to learn anything but rules.


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