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To the Mayor:

Dear Mayor Saffo:

“Despite the delays, Mayor Bill Saffo said he is “optimistic” the agreement will be signed.

“We said we would do our due diligence,” Saffo said. “Because of that, we are taking our time. If that means an extra week or two, then so be it.””

No Mr. Mayor – no more.
This deal was touted to be the best thing since ice cream for everybody.
We would pay nothing, at first, according to THEM
Then it was them saying “Oh it won’t cost you much”
Which shortly thereafter became “All private financing is off the table”.

We weren’t mad then because we had FAITH that our city leaders would do the right thing and make it low cost to taxpayers.
We heard you say $42M was way out of line
Then at $37M that was a number that caused you to say “Mandalay has to put more skin in the game”
Then some other number came out and you said ”That number is still too high and I don’t think I can live with that number”

Now its capped at $37M and we can’t work out the details? The taxpayers can’t see this agreement?
We’ve been MORE than patient in this endeavor Mr. Mayor and we tried, we really did, to have faith in our government leaders including you and the City Council.

Now we find out there’s possibly another deal out there that would cost us nothing, on the river, on county land.
And we can’t pursue it because Mandalay has some sort of MOU involved that gives them “exclusive rights” ??
I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound like having the voters interest foremost in your mind. It makes OUR Council and OUR Mayor sound like they rushed to judgement on Mandalays deal – to the exclusion of all others.
To me, this shows very poor judgement, and a severe lack of negotiating skills.
The Mayors office, and the City Council have embarrassed themselves at OUR expense because of these developments.
ENOUGH !!!!!
Suspend negotiations and terminate the MOU with Mandalay Baseball. There’s other deals out there, and you yourself said we’re getting “interest”.
Good, it’s where the city should be – in the drivers seat.
If YOU do not take control and pull back to give us time to appraise and evaluate ALL possible deals then you and council have failed in your fiduciary duties to the citizens of this great city.
I don’t get into disagreements between City and County governments as each governing body serves a specific purpose. Your duty sir is to protect the integrity of our city, it’s citizens and our finances. By not thinking about the possibility of a new deal being out there, you, and council have FAILED US.

SHAME on you – SHAME on you ALL.
What a bitter disappointment you’ve turned out to be.


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