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Lot's of faux anger...

Curtis Wright’s continual bombast made WAAV unlistenable during my morning drive. His show was full of demagoguery, conjecture, speculation, and half-truths. Many of his guests operated from the same premise. (I suspect his small loyal audience of dimwits look for affirmation, not information.)

When he did have command of a fact, it was hammered well beyond the point of interest. Anyone who has a broad experience of life can easily recognize his type. When you have three hours of opinion and no debate, you have exactly half the story on every issue. For idiots and shallow thinkers, it’s just easier this way.

I am always suspicious of the chicken-hawks who wrap themselves in the flag and patriotism... They like to call attention to themselves and seem to be compensating for something. Most (like Curtis) do it just for cheap political points.

Before his show, I always suspected he asked his wife to slap him for motivation and to set the tone...

Still, his skills are in demand in a nation full of fools...I'm sure there is a station out in Stumpjump Kentucky looking for just his kind.


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