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Curtis Wrong

Always found it funny how his introduction called him the lone tough talker but whenever someone called up with an opposing point of view he would hang up on them and insult them when they could not respond. Not very tough. The last time I called into his program he was slamming Whitney Houston after her death calling her a horrible person. I asked him what his opinion of Rush Limbaugh was during his time in rehab. He hung up on me the second I asked that question and went into a long rant that if I listened to his show I would have heard his thoughts about Rush, and I obviously did not listen to his show because he is on 4hrs a day 5 days a week. The problem was that Rush had his drug issues in 2003 and Curtis did not come to Wilmington until 2006. Really doubt that Curtis brought this subject up on his show 3 years after it happened. By the way I sent a message via Facebook bringing up those facts, still waiting for a response from the tough talker.


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