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curtis wrong

So does anyone know why he is nolonger on the radio? When he got fired from the FM station a big to do was made about it, the station talked about it and allowed callers to vent their feelings about his firing, Curtis even put out a press statement slamming the management of the station. This time it's a small article that he is nolonger on the air. 980 will not take calls on the subject of Curtis, and Curtis has not realeased any press statement this time. So what gives. Were his ratings that low, did he piss off the wrong person or advertiser, was he sleeping with his bosses wife? I didn't care for him I have many conservative views but I noticed when I called or someone else called with an oppossing point of view or opinion, he would be very rude with the caller and most the time would just hang up on them right away. I prefer programs that allowed discussion like Marti, Harvard, Rhonda, and Richard Davis would have, not rudeness and insults that Curtis provided. By the way his new web site show had a whooping 15 viewers.


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