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First of all I didn't forget that the room occupancy tax is paying for the CC - your Jim Jones type devotion to the CC has blinded you to what I wrote.
There are only 6 public events scheduled for the CC from now until the end of the year.
No major concert events,,,
I wonder....
So at $41M in new business after tax is $2.85M.
Remember that some of this money is directly paid to florists, caterers etc so that not all of it is hotel room tax generated.

So Mary-
How much $ did the county make off the CC and how much did it cost to operate? Is it profitable? How much did the city make?
Or is debt servicing paid for completely?

IF a local business books a meeting its an event. 100 people attend.
Who makes money?
No hotel taxes generated - right?
Attendees are counted as "new" tourists - right?
The cost of the event is listed as revenues right?
So using a local event how much does the city and county make?
If you answer anything other than a negative number - you're lying because its costs more to operate for that sized local gathering than it brings in.
In order for the CC to be profitable it must host more events that take in more genuine tourists. It has to generate a LOT of room occupancy to generate more taxes.
If the Hilton and Best Western had vacant room throughout the summer season is it safe to say the CC didn't bring in ANY tourists tis summer?
If we're on our 4th attempt at a CC hotel and that attempt is now DOWNSIZED is it safe to say there's not a great DEMAND for rooms down there?? Hmmmmmm??
Thats OK - you're the convention center Duke cheerleader.
I'm glad that its paid for by room taxes but now we face another dilemma regarding beach sand.
Does the WAHA and CFVB support increasing hotel room taxes county wide (including those in down town Wilmington) to provide beach and re nourishment???
Or Not?



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