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"If we spend every marginal dollar for beach replenishment and nothing else then we are tied annually to this 'funding drive"."

And tourism is not an annual thing? Besides beach sand pumping does not happen at every beach every year. It is costly though.

"Some County residents never use the beach,so should taxpayers pay for sand they never set their feet in?"

Using YOUR logic if 5500 season tickets are sold to the ILM Braves and no one else buys tickets why should ALL city property taxpayers contribute to the stadium? Why should they contribute to the Port dredging?

"The LARGER need however was to take the dredged material and cover the beaches after the Hurricanes."
Now you know the answer to this already. Dredged materials were not put on the beach.
"Beneficial Use: good news is sediments contain no significant amount of contaminants. In the past, beneficial use ideas included use for agricultural mix, top soil, etc. If someone had economic use for it, USACE would be very open to supporting this type of beneficial use.
Potential is there, market is not. Pilot study would have to be done. Salt content might be too high. Very sloppy stuff, but does have some good material. However, the good material is used at the CDF for levee maintenance"

Yep the very same study about all state ports including the proposed Southport "super port" indicates that dredged materials are not sand but silt or topsoil.

Beach re - nourishment is different than river dredging. The inlet relocation that saved the Shell Island resort was moving sand a distance of 800 yards and could be pumped.
River dredging is something else entirely.



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