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You overlooked a few other tidbits

From the annals of the Greensboro News & Record:

"...But just an hour’s drive east, the Durham Performing Arts Center has netted an operating profit since it opened in 2008.

The city of Durham, which owns the building, shares net profits with the company that runs it. The city’s share has topped $1 million for the past two years and is expected to do the same this year.

Instead of asking voters to approve a bond issue, Durham financed DPAC construction primarily with a form of borrowing called “certificates of participation,” financed with hotel/motel tax revenue..."

Note, unlike the bonds which the city of Wilmington is so fond of issuing, the city of Durham used a vehicle called "certificates of participation" which are financed through hotel/motel revenue.

Also from the Greensboro News & Record "...Operating figures don’t take into account the annual debt service of $2.5 million a year. The city uses its net profits to help pay off that debt and for building maintenance.

“Net profit doesn’t cover all the debt service, nor was it intended to,” said Reginald Johnson, Durham’s interim community development director..."

But more importantly, you misrepresented facts.

The article did not say "...that it was the number one attraction venue in the United States with over 400,000 patrons..."

Your words come back to haunt you.

It stated "...The Durham Performing Arts Center sold more tickets than any other venue of its size in the country in the first half of the year..." Note the qualifier, of its size which is under 5,000 seats.

It further stated "...DPAC beat out such peers as the Fox Theater in Atlanta and the Coliseum in Las Vegas..." It was specific as to venues in Atlanta and Las Vegas. And there was no mention of New York, California, or any other major metropolitan area.

"...Billboard Magazine ranked DPAC third in gross ticket sales for venues that seat under 5,000..."

For 2012 - 2013, it drew slightly more than 400,000 persons and sold out 67 shows.

You also fail to note the site is professionally managed by a New York based firm which manages 23 other sites and which has the ability to book performances for all 24 locations.

That gives them a bit more buying power than a single location convention center.

So when they book Bonnie Raitt, Randy Travis, or Al Green, just to name a few, they are potentially booking them for 24 performances, not just one.

You also fail to note you are comparing a performing arts center with a convention center. Sort of akin to comparing a diamond to some cut glass.

Did you overlook capacity in Durham is 5,000 while at the Wilmington CC, you are only accomodating 1,500?

Do you honestly think locals don't realize the difference between the two and don't understand each type caters to an entirely different market?

Why don't you contact the Convention Center Manager and confirm the dates for the NC Symphony or The Nutcracker. Will that be this year or never?

Is the Convention Center Manager out seeking the likes of Al Green, Bonnie Raitt, or Clay Aiken? All of those parties, and many more are booked into the 5,000 seat Durham facility. How about the Carolina Ballet performing the Nutcracker?

You and your cohorts will say anything to promote your cause of the moment; even to the point of taking statements out of context or just plain not telling the full and unvarnished truth.

In Texas, I am told, they would have a rope and a tall oak tree for those who stray from the truth or try some city slicker stuff.


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