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Show of solidarity

Mike McIntyre's attendance at the DNC shows his true colors for supporting a FAR-LEFT President , who has taken this country down the wrong road. This road we are on , now goes to Europe , where the Socialist experience has not worked out so well. The emotion of Hope and Change has faded and the promise of solid leadership has never materialized. McIntyre should have shown better judgement and distanced himself from Obama. McIntyre feels his office is finally in jeopardy due to the fact he faces a formidable opponent , Rouzer , and will need serious DNC support to fend off Rouzer. McIntyre has always been the poster boy for a career politician , who likes to play the Blue Dog role to ride the fence. He is your typical wealth redistributor by showing up in small towns with cardboard checks with his name on them. Knowing full well it should be the taxpayer's name on the bottom of those checks. He is enjoys being Santa Claus but his phot-ops have diminished significantly due to the fact public dollars are scarce. The only reason most of the mayors showed support last election was because they wanted to stay in good graces with the career politician. The election is unlike any other in America history because the man that occupies the White House has a vision that was influenced by Communist mentors during his childhood and he has a sincere dislike for American culture and values. This is not your grandparent's Democratic Party. This is the New American Socialist Party , whose desire is to establish a dependency culture , which gives the government more control over citizens. Go see the movie "2016" to see how Obama's vision was established.


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