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McIntyre is Independent

Mr. Green's uninformed screed against Congressman McIntyre lacks both dignity and facts. Mr. McIntyre is about as independent as anyone in Congress. He voted against the Wall Street bailout -- twice. He voted against Pelosi's cap and trade bill, voted against Obamacare, was one of the only Democrats to join Republicans in supporting repeal of Obamacare, and voted against all 3 of Obama's bad trade agreements because he wants to keep jobs here in SE North Carolina.

Conversely, McIntyre voted against the Republican plans to privatize Social Security, and voted against the Ryan budget that David Rouzer embraces which would essentially end Medicare as we know it.

He votes with the NRA all the time, and has earned an A rating from that group. How many Democrats can say that?

And Mike is a consistently pro-life vote.

In short, Mike votes his conscience and his district -- regardless of what the Washington people want. He doesn't listen to Obama, Pelosi, Romney, Boehner or anyone else -- but whenever people here at home speak, he listens to us! That is what I want in my Congressman. Mike deserves our support. Because he works for us, and votes his district, not his party!


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