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You really can't come to grips with the fact that alternative deals are better can you?
You and PCB bought into the Madalanta thing hook, line, and sinker. You went so far in your support for THAT deal you can't see the potential benefits of anything else. You thought, and still think, that if Mandalanta fails we will NOT have baseball here - ever.
The big mistake made by everyone was giving Mandalanta the "franchise tag" making them "exclusive".
Ripken and the County Commissioners have just shown us how wrong that line of thinking can be.
We need to be open to other proposals, facts, and opinions. Our first instinct is sometimes wrong and thats not a bad thing. Not recognizing that fact is..........

Duke if its gets us that much closer to having baseball here you should be advocating for the bond to be defeated so that ALL taxpayers can see a game without suffering the tax burden.

Ripken claims he can privatize the risk. Using county land reduces the cost by $6M or so. Using his design can save even more.
Saffo et al - including PCB have egg on their faces due to the "Jim Jones like" devotion they heaped on the Mandalay deal.

This is FAR better for us locally than anything thats been proposed so far.
Just admit that it is and move on.
Good grief



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