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Open eyes...

I just hope the voting majority opens there eyes and see the truth for what it really is, and not the spin that the opponent has brought forward or the media... Truth is you can take just about any situation and blame it or spin it on leadership... Hence the recent attacks on President Obama. Has he been an awful President? Absolutely not. Would the GOP, or Fox News want you to think he has... of course they do... They don't win elections by agreeing... and lets face it for the last thirty years every four years we have a pissing contest between the elephant and the donkey... It sickens me when I see people willing to spread so much propaganda without any factual information to back it up... Allow me to lay out so simple truths...

President Obama is the most disrespected President of my lifetime. Since his first day in the WH the GOP has had a plan to make life difficult for him to lead... little people know 20 Rep. leadership including Paul Ryan had a dinner the night President Obama was sworn in and hatched a plan to create divisive and counter-productive measures to make sure anything President Obama did to move the country along was shot down. And that's a fact... Truth is .... people blame President Obama for the economy's slow recovery... well what about the Republicans in the house and senate that have "shot down" the President's plan's... how can he be blamed when all of his ideas never make it past them... They should be the ones with the burden of guilt because they failed to act in the best interest of America... they decided to make us suffer so they could prove their point and show party loyalty so they can get Mitt Romney in office...

Another Truth... The economy's falter happened under 8 years of President Bush's leadership... who could have fully recovered the economy in four years for what took President Bush 8 years to create?? The answer NO ONE! Open your eyes, and see that only you can decide the truth. Don't let others decide it for you.


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