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The "Blame it on Bush" policy is not working anymore. Americans are sick of hearing the BS. We want results not finger pointing. Obama said he could fix it in THREE years, he has made it even worse. A sheep like you wouldn't vote for Romney no matter what was currently going on in the USA, so please don't try to sell us that line either. Here is the bottom line...We are in deep trouble, Obama has been unable to get us back on track, it is time to find someone who can. We need a president that takes responsibility for his leadership or lack thereof. Remember the old saying "The Buck Stops Here"? That is the kind of leader we need. Maybe then we wouldn't have to hear you sheep whimpering all the time. We are sick of you trying to convince us that it is anyone's fault but the man at the helm. In case you have missed the polls, it ain't flying anymore.


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