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LOL... Jokes on you!

Guest 7969,

Haven't we met on here before... I believe once again you have jumped the gun... I am an unaffiliated voter. I endorse neither the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I'm Independent, and vote based on fact, and principle. The correction to your defense to President Bush is he wasn't the most disrespected he was the most embarrassing!! So embarrassing that his own party doesn't invite him to their conventions anymore... Their is a difference. And YES the economy is where it is today because we had an inept President in office for 8 years.

President Obama is a dictator... you sir are amazingly delusional. Hitler was a Dictator... Stalin was a Dictator... "He speaks about this and that, and does TOTALLY the opposite" What are your sources for this statement? What has he been a hypocrite about?

You sir are whats wrong with America. You can't pull your head out of your own backside long enough to realize that we all have to work together if we are ever going to get anything productive done. President Obama has been met with opposition on every single piece of legislation he has proposed... How can he be held accountable for anything when all of his efforts are stalled due to a political party that has so divisively picked a fight against him. It's not President Obama's fault that narrow-minded people can't work for the better good for America even when there party representative isn't residing in the WH. If you can't agree with these simple factual truths you sir are lost to the brainwashing dumbing down of America by the Right Wing Bible Thumping Conservatives and there paid for media outlets...


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