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Thank you.

Thank you for making my point Grand ole Idiot... I'm so glad that your breed are dying out... You just referred to the President of the United Staes of America as a "Damn Clown" you sir are repulsive... your grandpappy must have owned slaves and you can't stand that your President is an African American... your kind make me sick... you have absolutely ZERO evidence of anything you accuse President Obama for, yet you throw him under the bus because you feel he is inferior to you, and a White man should be calling the shots... Admit it... Truth is Mitt Romney has been dodging the facts from day one, and will do the same if elected...He has given not one idea for job creation in this campaign... At least President Obama has the balls to say this is my plan I want to try this we have evidence this could work... but no the Republican Senate and House shut him down at every chance they get... not because they think his ideas are bad... they do it because they believe they are so close to getting Romney in that he can put forth these same ideas and they can get credit for it... we are no longer fighting for what's right for America we are fighting for who gets credit for the best ideas... It's really sad.


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