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John, let's take 1 thing at

John, let's take 1 thing at a time, the auto bailout, how many employee's does GM have, then think how many are here in the US? got you thinkin? He basically bailed out the foreign companies about 5 to 1 on american jobs and still lacked 1 fundamental change, he never addressed the problem which got them where they are today, a lousy product, shoddy workmanswhip, and a failed leadership, they are not gonna survive when the tax dollars run out without a business plan change.

You also say he spearheaded an attack on Bin Laden, the only thing this guy ever attacked was our free way of life, our military and intelligence spearheaded this attack!!! and by the way, had Bill Clinton done his job there would have not been a Bin Laden to pursued, possibly preventing 9/11!

He has made healthcare affordable??? really??? He has mandated healthcare for everyone( excuse me, he has excluded a bunch of special interest corporations) and put in place tax penalty's for anyone not purchasing health ins. and armed people to collect these penalty's, he's also made it where a lot of small business's that struggle to provide health insurance have decided it is just cheaper to pay the penalty's and drop their coverage, whatever "KOOL-AID" you're on, give it a break and get it right in Nov! there's only 1 choice, vote, and vote Romney!


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