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I bet....

I bet you disliked Bush, and thus you are a racist right? Or just another ignorant hypocrite. No one is buying that racist crap from you libs anymore. Sell it else where. Yes I called the current leader of the USA a clown, he is what he is. How can you say he has balls? All he has done for the last four years is blame Bush for his epic failure as a leader. What happened to "The Buck Stops Here"? Romney is our only hope at this point. You and the rest of the flock can continue to follow this pork hater, I have better sense. As for my breed dying out...Well maybe you should look at the current trend, I am afraid you and the liberal lot you came from is a thing of yesterday. The loud and obnoxious minority has awoken the silent majority, it's time to shut you whining fools down for a bit.


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