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Not the President's Job

Why does everyone think "creating jobs" is the job of the President?? The President does not hire people, businesses do and the businesses, here in America, are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars but afraid to spend any of it due to this President's positions regarding businesses. Since this President does not believe that I built my own business and believes that I should share my wealth with others I am scared to do anything with my savings other than to save it for a rainy day (or in this case a rainy four more years of this President's anti business policy). When Governor Romney is elected President, you will see businesses start to spend money, creating new jobs because there will be a President who understand how businesses are run and will do away with policies which stiffle business (job) growth.

I bet you, also, think that the President wakes up every morning and sets that day's gasoline prices.

Wilmington Observer


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