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Spare me the market development.
You know darned well that video conferencing will end the need for most local business meetings.
As for the larger convention type meetings you said yourself we don't rank with Atlanta or Charlotte for those large scale events.
Convention industry groups say demand is off capacity is up and attendance is way below where it should be.

For ANY company that produces a product - you increase demand and expand capacity afterwards. You add shifts or work overtime. If this keeps up you THEN bite the bullet, get a loan and expand your building/company.
When public funds are involved there's far too many people willing to chase a dream in the face of ever DECREASING demand.
Funny that when there's no public money involved "conservative business thinking abounds". When public monies are available, handouts are the norm.
Business says show us the demand and we'll build it - you say build it and they will come.
Those days are long gone...........



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