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you might not have to dive off Riverwalk; is it not closed for repairs. You might just fall in; and then you could entertain everyone as you played Johnny Weismueller swimming away from one or more gators.

if you were the event organizer, tasked with giving several thousand association members and their spouses the best bang for their bucks, especailly in this economy, you'd be asking those baseball proponents for a job.

Within state, have you seen the NC Realtors Association, the Independant Insurance Agents of NC Association, or the Carolina Association of Professional Insurance Agents (which encompasses agents in North and South Carolina) in Wilmington? Heck, I wonder if the General Manager of the White Elephant has even been in touch with any of those Association heads. They're all headquartered in Raleigh or Greensboro. A one day trip to make 4 sales calls. Wonder if that has happened? Or is the management style to wait for the business to come to them?

Heck, there are regional chapters east of I-95 for most of these Associations. There's even one or two with local chapters in Wilmington. I wonder how many of them have been called on?

Oh I forgot, in this market, with a glut of available spaces and a dwindling number of potential events, the modus opperandi is to allow time for the market to develop. I think that was Dukie's approach.

If you eliminate meetings put on by the city or Chamber, how many have actually taken place?

I believe one of the state political parties did hold an "event" in he CC. How many of the 67,000 were represented by this one event?

Upcoming potential events for the Civic Center:

Monthly exhibits by the starving artists where they offer paintings for sale not to exceed $9.95 including frame.

Monthly gun and knife shows.

How about sports memorabilia shows?

Girls' Roller Derby

How about pro wrestling? Rick Flair lives in Charlotte; close by.

Maybe live broadcasts of the John Boy and Billy Show? John Boy has a place at Wrightsville Beach.

They need to think way outside of the box if they want to get the White Elephant filled with events.

Some may laugh. But those events would generate revenue; and additional revenue is what the White Elephant needs in order to reduce the thousands of hay bales it sucks from the city and county, annually, to keep its sheen and lustre.

If the City wants this to cease being such a drain on the city and county coffers they need a General Manager who is sales oriented; knows how to cold call; and is on a performance based contract. That may not stem the flow completely; but it could stifle the hemorage of tax payer dollars. But no doubt, the incumbent General Manager is related to someone or was given an iron clad contract with no performance requirements. Was she a former realtor who needed a job when the real estate market collapsed?


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