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I was being facetious of course
"Monthly exhibits by the starving artists where they offer paintings for sale not to exceed $9.95 including frame."
I believe that's contracted to the Coastline Convention Center for the upcoming year or two. Besides the CC rent is far too expensive.

"Monthly gun and knife shows."
Ok correct me if I'm wrong but weapons are not allowed on city owned property correct? (Exception of course is the police station). Besides parking is free at the Armory.

"Girls' Roller Derby"
Interesting but is it popular again?????? Good grief

"How about pro wrestling? Rick Flair lives in Charlotte; close by"
The "big leagues" like WWE have seating requirements/ Which means we would get the secondary leagues like "Uncle Billie-Bob's Perfessional 'Rastlin exhibition......Given our older population, I don't see the popularity in this.

"Maybe live broadcasts of the John Boy and Billy Show? John Boy has a place at Wrightsville Beach."
OK maybe once?

As for others especially real estate groups - remember our council,mayor and county commissioners are overly represented by developers and real estate people. They would object if they didn't have meetings there. Personally? I think that given the state wide nature of their groups they would have to rotate locales.

"they need a General Manager who is sales oriented; knows how to cold call; and is on a performance based contract. That may not stem the flow completely; but it could stifle the hemorage of tax payer dollars."
Ok so YOU want to pay her basically a commission? How do you effectively recruit qualified people to run a facility that's in a dying industry? That's NOT Eaton's fault by a long shot. IT's not her fault the city built this White Elephant.
Based on what I've seen so far she's probably done as good as anyone else could have in a bad economy working in a dying industry. Look I remember when there was no such thing as the Internet, PC's, networks and teleconferencing. I now video call my grandchildren.
It works and given the cost of travel these days it makes no sense to send employee and spouse to these events when in fact they can stay local and watch on a PC.
Yes this is a dying industry. Locally meetings are much smaller and could be handled easily by the Hilton or Coastline Inn or rent a room at the college.
"We" are at fault here for building the darned thing so I don't fault Eaton for trying to make it "look" successful.
I DO however, find fault with the desire for an attached hotel. There is no demand currently for an additional 174 rooms - and given the type and frequency of events at the CC there won't be any demand either.



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