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domestic violence

There is a story that tells of a woman who is constantly beaten, battered, raped, belittled, opressed and ridiculed by her husband. No matter how many times it is reported.... she still loves him and is afraid to be alone. She will have to start again, so She lives in constant fear but will do nothing about it. She makes excuses to justify her mind what he is doing is for the better. He didn't mean to. He was just upset. He won't do it again. In reality...He is a genuine coward at heart. He thrives on tormenting her and her family. Threatening of what will happen if she leaves him. Then one day. She is dead at his hand. You all ask....why didn't she just leave while she had a chance? All she had to do was say ENOUGH! She is too scared.
There is a story of an island with a battered council. Beaten, battered, raped, belittled, and made to look like FOOLS to the very people they are serving. They live in fear of a manager they gave too much power. Now they are afraid to start over. Afraid to say ENOUGH! What secrets does he hold over you? Why do you let him push you around? EVERYONE CAN SEE IT BUT THE BATTERED WIFE. YOUR CITIZENS ARE CRYING OUT FOR JUSTICE!!! How many prople would be speaking up for Calvin if he was forced off the job??? (insert cricket chirps here!!) NOBODY!! We all see him for the fake, plastic, evil shell of a man he is and we see what he is doing to your community. LEAVE HIM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU ALL !!!!! FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!! START OVER BEFORE YOU ARE SO FAR BEATEN AND BRUISED THAT YOU CAN'T RECOVER. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! Take away his power over you.
You just have to want to change. A better place to live without fear. What Bald Head Island should represent.


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