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Actually home owners worried about property values falling were clamoring as much as the Mitchells needed her death to go away quietly. Too many people had their own agendas and none of them had to do with who killed this officer. As a home owner, I would have been - and would still be - more concerned about the number of thugs who can come to the island and disappear for many hours undetected. I hope they all keep their doors locked. You also described the scene over there very well. And I agree that they have sent Mr. Munna away and lost someone concerned about the safety of the public. Davina wanted to do her job like it was supposed to be done and not look the other way while laws were broken. And few people cared - yet when she died, they came by the tens and twenties, from village council members to ferry boat pilot to gawk at her dead body when they finally put her in the ticket office, after having left her body uncovered and unsecured on the dock for a while. The BHI dignitaries did not send a single bloom or bud for her funeral. It took years to get a badge from that place. Even now, no one can leave any kind of remembrance where they left her body like garbage. It is removed quickly, as you said, for the appearance of being so family oriented. At least Mr. Munna got out alive.


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