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Chip Munna

Unless you've worked with Chip as a employee, you have no idea how things were ran. The residents or volunteers clearly have been misinformed. Once the decision was made to combine all departments into Public Safety things changed, and not for the better. Morale went down rather quickly. It was the police verses the fire/ems. There were and still are police that had no desire to learn or train in the emt/fire side. Yet, Emt and Firefighters were told they would have to get their BLET. The Emt/fire was clearly not as important to the Chief or Town Manager. I find it interesting that people want to blame this all on Calvin Peck. While he has a hand in this, you are foolish to think that Chip did not. Chip was rude to employees and had a do as I say not as I do policy. Here he was making almost 100,00 a year and was barely there! Now let's wait and see how long it takes until they announce that Chip is the new Chief at Oak Island!


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