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In 2010,

Ms. Eaton was interviewed by Donn Annsell. If you google, you can find three You Tube entries which contain her interview.

This was before the Center opened.

She noted three area hotels, within walking distance, offered 375 available hotel rooms. She stated very clearly she could not imagine any event which could not be accomodated with that number of available rooms.

So what changed to now make available hotel rooms an issue?

Why is the sudden need for an adjacent hotel an issue? It was not in 2010. Have they even come close to booking an event which would require over 200 hotel rooms?

Don't take my word for her statements. Check You Tube.

Then she states parking costs are an issue. I believe the parking deck can house around 550 vehicles. I've attended events from New York to Georgia and as far west as California. One of two things happen at those.

The parking cost is built into attendance fee; when it is invisible it becomes an non-issue. Or parking is free for attendees who have prepaid their attendance fee and receive a parking sticker for their windshield. That's called marketing.

Now I looked at the CC website. Including an event which took place yesterday, there were 8 events listed between now and year end. None were after December 1. With the exception of an Arts & Craft affair on 11/24, none would seem associated with the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

Is there no marketing effort which can be made to bring in a Holiday themed event? Not even a day with Santa for the little ones?

Of course part of the problem may be she is not an employee of the city; she is employed by SMG, Corporation which is the management company of choice for the city.

Now if you look at their website, you note SMG is headquartered in PA. But it notes they assist the managed facilities in booking events through their industry wide, country wide relationships.

Can Ms. Eaton point to one event which has been booked which is a direct result of the SMG organization?

Can she or the City specifically provide the revenues collecetd from CC events and the amount of managment fees paid to SMG? That should be pretty simple.

Isn't the internet wonderful? All types of information at one's fingertips.


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