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Is that a surprise?

Since they really have no control over Ms. Eaton, she is not a city employee, their only course of corrective measure is with the management company.

When does the contract come up for renewal?

Should other management companies be encouraged to solicit the opportunity.

If you look, the management company only has one other client in North Carolina. A Conention Center in Cabarrus County.

From their website, it appears their area of expertise is larger facility managment. If the CC website is correct, they can accomodate 1,500; and have 30,000 square feet; that makes them the smallest client for SMG.

So again, the question for Ms. Eaton is "how many events have been generated as a direct result of SMG?" After all, their website notes event lead generation is one of their services included within the management fee.

That's a pretty simple question to answer.

And then, for the most recent fiscal year:

1. How much actual revenue was generated by the CC?

2. How much in management fees were paid by the City to SMG.

Again pretty simple questions to answer.

Now does any member of City Council or the Mayor have the spine to get those answers and present them at the 09/18 Council meeting?

It's past time for city affairs to be run with some business smarts. If your swimming pool springs a leak, you plug the hole before you refill it. That does not seem to be the city approach.

Mayor -- with a little over 3 months remaining in 2012, how many new booked events should the General Manager and staff be able to add before year end.

Dukie -- you noted she has a small staff. Go look at the CC website and see just how many people are employed by the juggernaut.

SMG should get the message. Increase marketing efforts immediately. Provide monthly status reports on prospect calls made and contracts signed.

Here's another question for Ms. Eaton and the Mayor. Why is the Wilmington Film Commission (which is partially funded by the city) holding its breakfast meeting at the Hilton and not the CC?

Mayor -- what was the contract term for SMG? It appears it's been nearly two years that Ms. Eaton has been in place. 8 posted events for 3 and a half months is pretty shabby. That's not even one every two weeks. And from the CC website, there are only 5 posted events for 2013.

What happened to all of the "hundreds" of events noted in Ms. Eaton's report to City Council? Was that a mis-statement or a mistake?

How about an answer to that one?

Mayor -- do you think it might be time for a change?

In the private sector, you meet or exceed contracted goals or you get your contract terminated. The city and its taxpayers can not afford to continue this type of white elephant management.

And Mayor, should the city continue support for an agency, the Wilmington Film Commission, when its head sticks a stiletto in the City's back by booking an event at the Hilton rather than the city supported CC?

Interesting questions to be answered. Amazing what you can learn from the internet.

In Texas, my friends tell me they have tall oak trees and rope for those who are less than truthful or try to pull city slicker stuff on the taxpayers.


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