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I will repeat a thought here - it's not Eaton's fault.
In reading through SMG's data and selling points on their website it appears as though they are a premiere CC operations group.
If our current bookings are the best they can do, it means to me that the industry of conventioneering is in a decline. Once I check convention numbers I see it's been bad for conventions for years. It started with a decline in attendees, then the number of conventions themselves declined.
Again we built ours in the face of an industry decline but technology may kill off MOST of the need for larger facilities. I can "attend" webinars online for organizations I still belong to. I used to attend smaller meetings using video conferencing technology which eliminated a lot of travel costs for the place I used to work for.
So what's left for convention centers?
Shows (wedding, trade shows, manufacturers trade shows, car shows), which are in decline.
Some meetings

This is exactly what she's done.
As for holiday shows? Santa is everywhere now with malls being the biggest place. Free parking at the mall and you are probably gonna be there anyway. As for entertainment shows? Thalian Hall has that covered.
As far as state wide organizations go? I have belonged to one or two in years past and they are cognizant of the fact that in some instances they may WANT to rotate meetings at different locations to spread the wealth around and to limit travel for certain people. This is also true for some athletic events. NCHSSA state wide events are staged in Raleigh to even out travel. A school in Asheville would not want to travel to Wilmington to play a tournament, but even that out so both travel to Raleigh and it becomes more palatable to both - so I don't see basketball championships being played here, at the CC. collegiate tourneys? I would say they're rotated for the smaller leagues and played at centrally located sports cathedrals for larger leagues.

So the bottom line is Eaton took a job in an industry that's failing and in a location that is NOT centrally located.
I thinks it's "doomed" to fail.
Just what should we do with it?



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