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"But something needs to change on how the CC is managed."

But we need to see the numbers to see what needs to be changed. That's the paradox here.

And why compare us to Cabarrus county? Don't we offer more then they do to possible attendees? I would think that we do.

As for this
"it is Ms. Eaton's fault when she does not present realistic numbers and expectations to the City Council"
Was she asked? Apparently not, and the city chose (Not Eaton) to hide the numbers in the budget. She has absolutely no control over that.

I keep going back to our budget documents because it's OUR facility. Management fee's, profits or (Losses) should be made known - not rolled into other funds.

"If it's a money loser; and the trend is for a continued downturn in convention and meeting activity, then non-renew or cancel the SMG contract."
I agree but someone has to run it until all events are done - just who would that be within city government?

A Museum sounds nice but celebrating what? WWII? Possible given the battleship across the river. Which, BTW COULD be moved TO the CC, and turned into a WWII museum. Get a couple of more ships and that might be workable. Here's something from my home town that might interest you
BB59 (the Massachusetts) the Destroyer Joseph P Kennedy, and the submarine Lionfish, along with planes etc. A Maritime museum - right on Riverwalk.

Maybe it could work here but I have my doubts.
Performing arts? Just what do you do with Thalian Hall then?
We are asking the tough questions in retrospect, which is unfortunate.



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