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No Tom

I'm certainly not related to her and as you can probably tell I don't eschew most spending done by our fair city.
The CC is done and I'm against a taxpayer funded stadium.
Heck I don't want ANY stadium down town.

"So as I previously stated, bring in a consultant with plenty of experience on just how these centers should be run."

OK let me ask you -
This is exactly what the city did with Mandalay - they said "We want to double check this but we don't have the expertise - who do you recommend?"
Mandalay says "NSS, they are the premiere folks for this type of stuff".

You know when you mention the word consultant the first person that pops into my head is Kuebler. Yeah, I know - he's the LAST person you'd want doing this.

I don't know what the answer is for the CC.
But according to most measures, Wilmington is not in dire straights financially - and if they fund the stadium the situation still won't be dire. It won't be good, and it could be a LOT better but it won't be dire.

If we could get a truly independent over view of the CC's operations I'd say yeah go ahead, but I'd like the numbers to be made public.
Hey it's new, under normal circumstances I would say give it time. My problem is that conventions, as an industry is dying.
The CC, as a meeting place for local, small groups, is being replaced by "bandwidth" using telephones or computers.

You mentioned why the regional film commission didn't consider the CC?
Why didn't Smokey Robinson? He's coming to the college. And Saffo is giving him a key to the city - so why didn't the mayor say "Why not the CC?"
The fact is this is a competitive endeavor and as I've said - the bigger the group the better our CC will be. But when they are competing against coastline, the Hilton and the college - they may have to lose money to book functions.
Is this what we want?



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