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If we're going to talk

about moral compass then let's look at both sides, shall we?

Aid should be available for those who truly are unable to provide for themselves due to real medical or mental disabilities.

But think back to 1996 and Bill Clinton's first year in office and one of his attempts to modify the entitlement programs.

He very clearly stated a policy which would require those who were physically and mentally able to work to do so within 2 years. He noted that would allow sufficient time for those who required training to get it. He clearly stated entitlements would end at the 2 year mark for those able to work.

He was realistic enough and knew the country could not afford to maintain unfettered social programs for those who could work but chose not to.

And what happened? The liberals in a Democratic House and Senate, led by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd shot his proposal down faster then he could present it to Congress.

Would you say he had no moral compass?

And what about the baby machines that crank out 6 to 15 children just so they can get all of the government entitlement programs out there? They could practice birth control. But they choose not to. They can not afford them; the children are placed in public housing and subsist on Food Stamps. Many do not even know the identity of their Fathers. Many do not finish high school and end up on the streets with no hope for the future but merely a future of replicating a life they learned from the baby machine.

Where's the moral compass for the baby machines?

Free cell phones cost the Federal Government $300 Million per year. They include voice mail and up to 400 minutes per month. The intent was to provide access to emergency services such as medical or police. Why? Anyone on a public entitlement can go to their Social Service liason and secure a free phone which will dial 911 and allow the person to secure emergency response. And there is no charge to the public or taxpayers.

Where's the moral compass there for the government agency which came up with this program? Was it just another attempt to secure blindless votes for a political party and its candidates?

Where's the moral compass for EBT, Food Stamp, card holders who use the benefits to buy smokes and beer rather than the food their family should be receiving?

So talk about moral compass. Let's look at both sides of the street.


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