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Dear John,

My ability to determine that mathematically there are most certainly more than JUST the two EXCLUSIVE choices of either public funding for birth control OR having a baby makes me neither self-centered nor a foul name. It simply indicates I have at least a modicum of common sense. Your semi-rational, excessively emotional response to that indicates that perhaps you may have a little less of that commodity.

Because I actually HAVE a moral compass, I understand that the choice to procreate or not IS a moral decision. That's what sets us apart from the animals, our ability to make moral decisions.

If a person chooses (once again, a moral decision) to have recreational sex, they should also choose to protect themselves from accidental procreation or disease. A condom costs about 50 cents or about the cost of two cigarettes (smoking also being a moral choice these days with all of the available data). Virtually ANYONE can come up with the 50 cents necessary to protect themselves if they CHOOSE to.

Apparently in your world, SOMEONE ELSE has to make the choice of paying as little as 50 cents to protect some young person from becoming pregnant. Apparently in your world, young girls aren't girls at all, simply animals that are INCAPABLE of making any moral decisions on their own. Even decisions as small as spending just 50 cents for their own personal protection.

I choose to believe that humans are BETTER than that. You apparently choose to believe that humans are just ANIMALS.

You were correct about one thing though. I do have a self-centered a-hole, just as nature intended. Thanks for the compliment.


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