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Since there are quite a few

Since there are quite a few replies on my post I will try and clarify on this one reply to the people who responded. I work 70 hours a week. I pay taxes. My wife works 50 hours a week. She pays taxes. We own our home. We are no better than you, and you are no better than me. Truth is there are people out there that honestly need help. They don't want your help forever as you suggest. They need a little assistance to get on there feet. Their are however a few that do abuse the system, and there always will be. As long as there is ever a system there will also be individuals looking to manipulate it for there personal gain. this group of people are a small collective, but ruin it for the overwhelming majority of people that are using the assistance for good. I'm tired of hateful people kicking people when they are already down. I know you don't want your hard earned money going to someone who is working the system. I get that. The system needs to be reformed... Just as the post below stated when President Clinton wanted a two year turn around on assistance. But I'm not talking about that... I'm talking about the essence of helping our fellow brothers and sisters get on their feet. and if you can't get on board with that then yes you are a self-centered a-hole. Hell I'm an atheist and probably the most moral on this entire blog.... a year and a half ago my wife was laid off we couldn't afford to have children, or the high cost of birth control. She was able to get it cheaper at the planned parenthood facility. Once she got a job and had insurance again she was able to get her normal prescription again... these are the stories no one thinks about... the savings we got every month because planned parenthood was there really helped us... we weren't trying to "work" the system just trying to afford birth control as we were not ready to have a baby. Thing is you think you have all the answers but you don't


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