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Sorry people

Its a sad world when people think that the poor deserve what they get and say *they should not of had kids* Let me give you an example of why people need help. My best friend a mother of 2 small children under the age of five was married, her and her husband had a nice home and he had a good job, she was stay at home b/c it was cheaper to stay at home then to work and pay daycare. Her husband was killed last Nov in a car wreck, she now works days at a vacation job (has to pay for daycare ) and weekends works night as a cleaner. This poor woman has lost time with her children, she has lost her nice home, she has to take handouts bc she only makes 400 a week.. How can someone live on 400 a week a family of three??? So you tell her kids why mom cant have foodstamps or why they cant go to the doctor... I make a heck of a lot less money than some people but I give what I can bc I have lived poor, I grew up in the system and got out.. Shame on those with no heart. The system is messed up and gives to the wrong people but what about the ones who do need help.


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