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Not two thirds !

When you can not get a decisive vote on adding God and Jerusalem back to the party's platform after what was three failed attempts , you have serious issues. It is very disturbing how the leaders of this Godless party responded.This incident will be a defining moment for this party and should be used to reveal the soul of this party. Obama is aligned with some evil elements in his party but what do you expect from a President , who was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis , Roberto Unger and Andrew Said. Anti-semitic feelings run strong with this President , despite his tiresome rhetoric. The tensions betweeen the U.S and Israel have never been higher because they know Obama's true beliefs concerning the Jewish state. Obama proposed the pre-67 borders and has allowed Iran to expedite the building of their war machine. One of the omens concerning Obama was when the open mike caught Obama leaning over towards the Russian Prime Minister Medevev and telling him he would have more leniency in his second term. This was the signal to the Middle East that his pro-Arab mentality approved of an unsettled region and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to have a strong influence in the region. Obama is aligned with these elements in a covert manner. To the Democratic Jews , you must be the secular representation of the Jewish community because there is no way you can support this vile party.

I am a registered as an Independent voter and I am ready to go to the ballot box and vote straight ticket Republican once again ! The Democratic ideology will have to change dramatically for me to ever give them consideration again. Obama is not one of us , regardless of party affiliation. The mainstream media made Obama and they will be the ones who can destroy his credibility but lack the courage.


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