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Your facts are not entirely

Your facts are not entirely true. James Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were all agnostic. It was also written going on 300 years ago... With technology and science progressing the way it has we can safely say no one knows 100% how the universe was created or what happens when we die... Also through technology and the science of literary scholars we can now determine that the Bible is not the inspired word of God. So... if there was a all mighty God, and he left his only published works as proof and "Testament" of his existence how then can we disprove it with such accuracy? One thing is for certain about religion is for the last 2,000 years 80% of all wars waged were in the name of religion. Our government was not founded as a Christian nation but as a nation where individuals could practice there own religion however unorthodox without persecution. We should leave people's beliefs in their homes and places of worship. It has no place in our legislation, policies, or government... My last shred of proof is the first amendment to the constitution written by the same men you called christian... "There shall be no law made based on the establishment of religion"... enough said.


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