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That's just too darned bad!!!

Sorry Pleasue Island residents (and I'm one as well), but the Federal gov't owns the blast zone land and they can do what they want with it. The deer population is overruning pleasure island, eating every food and flower garden that isn't caged up. They also pose a hazard to drivers on Dow Rd. in the mornings and evening. I frequently encounter them on my travels. A good friend of mine was killed last week due to a deer jumping in front of his motorcycle.
Yes, they are fine and beautiful animals, but their population must be controlled. As far as the bow hunters posing a hazard to the PI residents? Horse-hooie! Go to the beach, enjoy the sun and stay out of the woods that are posted as "No Trespassing" and you won't encounter a single problem!
It's amazing how many insignificant things people can find to bit*h and whine about!!! Pleasure Island is beginning to look like another freekin' Wrightsville Beach!


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