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I have seen what the republican party has done in the past from 2001 to 2007 , and were paying for that today ,, i also have seen obama has done ,i really think we are better off today then 4 yrs ago. wall st was on one leg , your 401 k plan was going broke , and we were loseing 450.000 jobs a month , obama came in to office ,wall st is at a all time high, 16 points and climing , 401 has doubled and jobs are growing , slow but growing ,, we are moveing forward !mayne not fast but we are , the republican party has a record for filabusting everything , and wants more taxes on us , the common folks why the higher class get a better deal on there taxes ,, is not fair that someone who works at buger king and tring to go to collage and pays 35-45%in taxes why a person who's income over $250.000 pays 13% ,, ya thats good for wilmington . we have a port here that should be open 24/7 and have over 2.000 people working there but we dont ,, we give to the rich and thay take from the poor


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