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Marine will be dealt with quietly

reality is he will get off under temp insanity in civilan court and will likely be DC'd from the Corp as Other then Honorable but you never know. This kid snapped end of story. Im not by any means justifying his actions, they are deplorable but the sad truth is this guy likely has/had major PTSD issues. Theres a reason why SEALS are isolated both prior to and after operations because these guys literally go through a mental change that they need to unwind from. SPEC-OPS guys as a whole have a higher rate of PTSD and related mental illness issues upon discharge then the general miltary population let alone the general US population. These guys go and do the stuff we cant even imagine under circumstances we dont want to consider. As I said Im by no means condoning his behavior but its likely this guy had a pyschotic break and wasnt in his right mind when this all happened.


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